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I draw to let off steam because I’m angry, angry at myself, angry at what I dared to do to myself but I’m still alive, and I’m really lucky to be alive. I want to produce more as much as possible because I’m afraid of doing nothing, I’m afraid of having a meaningless life.

Why oil and pastelle? I understood one thing with my painting and drawing.. people don’t really care about the subject, it’s more about the energy that I put into it. Oil and pastel are excellent to show the movement of the brush and to show see the anger i express when I draw. there is no hesitation. my drawing must exist in reality, and if I make a mistake it will frustrate me even more and give me even more energy, I ‘only stop when i’m satisfied.

Why demonic women or demonic people? During my twenties I had hundreds of nocturnal paralysis but the last one: i dreamt about a woman, in the form of a mask. she asked me to sleep with her and I laughed in her face, after 400 nocturnal paralysis and 3 years of sleep disorder, all for that? sex? no superpower? after that last encounter it’s really rare that I have nocturnal paralysis. sometimes she tries again but I know it’s her so I wake up. In my original country they call it making a pact with a mami wata. my drawings are a tribute or a way of making fun of her.

Why sorceresses? I had a passionate relationship with a witch, she could see the color of souls and cross people’s dreams, I met her after my nocturnal paralysis. she did a love spell on me, it’s weird I feel like i warded it off but it’s as if I only see her in all the women I meet. I even saw her again I didn’t feel anything for her but I still loved her. very strong. I accept this curse and my drawings of witches are a tribute to her.

Why paintings of Paris on fire? I was born in Paris and I simply hate this city, I only lose in Paris, I don’t know why, I only win outside of Paris.

Why skeletons and skulls? because death is a joke although I really enjoy making the skeletons, I really let myself go when I’m doing it and I find the skulls magnificent, I’m going to try to make as many as possible, I wish them to become rare and collectible.

the other themes like fashion scenes or love scenes are all simply things that I like and if you find the painting beautiful, buy it.

Thanks for reading all of this. tldr; angry dude who likes pastel and oil.